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OC DANCE STUDIO|Ballroom Dance Lessons|Classes in Orange County

1132 E. KATELLA AVE # A 18, ORANGE, CA 92867

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Salsa Dancing Classes for Weight Loss at OC DANCE STUDIO!

Posted on 27 May, 2013 at 14:24
Salsa Dancing Classes for Weight Loss at OC DANCE STUDIO!                                          Anaerobic Benefits of Salsa Dance

When you perform salsa dancing, you are going to get plenty of aerobic benefits. But there are also anaerobic benefits to be had as well. Specifically, it forces many of the muscles in your legs and hips to work harder. This provides anaerobic results because your muscles are getting pushed to the limit.
Additionally, many of these muscles do not get a workout when you run or walk. Salsa dancing involves movements that require you to step backwards, which targets your glutes and your hips as well. So you'll be able to tone those muscles along with the other muscles in your legs.

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